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The PG6N-team had a great weekend. Not because the total count of contacts. But the social contacts during the weekend and promoting our hobby was even important. Still there was a havy wind during the weekend, wich did give the team some difficulty's to build the antenna's. Also the propagation was chaning every moment. During the saterday during daytime on HF only contacts on a short distance where able and Es propagation on 10 and 6 mtrs where possible. During the evening 20 mtrs was good and we made contacts with Canada (VE), Japan (JA), Saudi Arabia (HZ) and also a Lighthousestation in South Africa, Kapetown (ZS1CP). On 6 mtrs some contacts where made with hams in Eastern Europe and Finland. On 2 mtrs the most of the contacts where made with hams in the Netherlands -PA-, Germany -DL- and some lighthousestations in France -F- and the UK -G and M-. The farrest contacts on 2 mtrs during this ILLW, where made with Eirland -EI- and Austria -OE-.

Antenna's used this weekend: For HF FD4 Windom and a Vertical, on 6 mtrs the V2000 vertical and on 2 mtrs a 4 el Tonna.

Tranceivers used during this weekend: HF FT990 and FT857, 6 mtrs MFJ9406 and 2mtrs the good old FT225.

Please watch video in 480p