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Picture book

 Henk Admiraal, KNRM-Lifeboatstation

 Jaap PA7DA, First Operator, website

 Eric-Jan PA1EJ, Antenna,s and Technics

 Fred PA7FB, Photo's

 Mr Aad, Video

 Loek PA9LUC, operator

 Hans PA1NB, Operator

 Henk PE1PYZ, Operator

 Ben PA2BEN, Operator

 Teun PA0TPM, Operating a moment

 Wouter PA3WEG, Operating a moment

Mariette PA1ENG

 Tjeerd PA3GNZ  Ned Vuurtoren Vereniging

 Carlo Turk


 Wouter-Jan PE4WJ

 Frans PA3CGJ

 Geertje PD0GWS on the left

 Jaco PE2JB

 Henk PE1KFC

Frank PD4NYS



The PG6N Team

Missing on the pictures: Wim PG9W. Thanks for the FT990! Hans PA7ADA, to help to build the antenna's. Cees PA0CFW, antenna building and running all the equipment on the stairs.


 Food and coffee is important.

 The bus of "the Telecom Agency".


The Lighthouse

Vieuw from the Lighthouse