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Welcome on the internet-site of event amateurradiostation PG6N Noordwijk. This station is activated on August 17th 2002. Also this callsign will be used during all activity's from- and nearby the Noordwijk Lighthouse, ARLS-NET019, ILLW-NL0009. The main activity will be the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend (ILLW), during the 3rd weekend of August by members of the local VERON and VRZA. Also this callsign will be used during European Heritage Days in the Netherlands the 2nd weekend of September. From August 2002 until August 2009 the callsign PI4LDN/L of VERON-Leiden has been used.


Also the Noordwijk Lighthouse has been used for the event-amateuradiostation PB6KNRM. This was the first operational day of the new Noordwijk KNRM life boat "Paul-Johannes". In september 2009, during the European Heritage Day, the callsign PA09MONUMENT has been used. Since 2010 the station is also active during the National Lifeboat Day and The Sea Week (Week van de Zee)



During all activity's we are QRV on

145.387.5 MHz and 433.387.5 MHz


To folow or to contact a Lighthouse- or Lightshipstation

Please click on this Hamspotlink

New on YouTube: The PB6REM new Video


Stichting Kurt Carlsen

Saving a sailing Monument

PB6KNRM Katwijk




The Kidsday on June 27th 2012 was succesfull. many children dit make their windmill of ledlights.

Video Public Security Day 2012

Video national Lifeboatday


During the Open Heritage Day on Saterday september 10th 378 people did visit the Noordwijk Lighthouse and enjoye the beautifull vieuw


New QSL-Card "Week van de Zee" event. Please Click on picture.


The International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend was great. Thanks to the volenteers. 357 contacts have been made worldwide! More news later on this website. More information see the website of the international organisation!


On Saterday May 7th PG6N was active from the Noordwijk Lighthouse during The National Lifeboatday. Many contacts have been made worldwide. Please watch the video's in YouTube.

Radioamateurslog check here!


During Saterday september 11th, the International Heritage Day, 325 people did visit the Noordwijk Lighthouse and enjoyed the beautiful view. The PG6N Crew showed radioamateurism by making contacts and also a video presentation.


Tjeerd PA3GNZ, operating CW